Shree Sita Ram!

Welcome to our website. is the small initiative that we have started to bring all people closer who are associated with Shree Sita Ram Vivah Mahotsav, which is organized every year in Buxar, a small town in Bihar, India.


This website is a tribute to our parampujya Sant Nehnidhi SHREE  NARAYAN DAS BHAKT MALI (MAMA JI). We have tried to share some of the rare photos, videos and audios of Shree Mama ji through this website, so that people worldwide can view and share this rare treasure among themselves and their friends.

Through this website we will try to update you on the regular basis about the upcoming events. We are also in the process of collecting the biography about Shree Mama Ji so that we can share it among all the followers, which will be no doubt a great treasure for all of us.